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Ed Fennema

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This means you will have the opportunity to get better in what YOU choose to get better in. Your sport, your capabilities, your personal goals.


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You will get stronger.

You will get faster.

You will not get heavy.

You will not get big. 

Your performance will improve. 


Featured Programs

You have a choice. Learning more about neuro power, set up a neuro power training program or get coaching on neuro power training in competitions.  


A course will tell you how training of neuro power actually works. It targets professionals who want to develop their skills in this particular area.


Personal coaching can be arranged, together with any program.


A program is set up for athletes, groups of athletes or teams. Typically it  contains building blocks like neuro strength, -speed, -symmetry, -balance, -rythm, -resilience, engrams and psychology.    

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“The approach to this type of training is quite different from any other regular training I have been doing in the past. Ed took my motor brain and nervous system as a starting point, which led to substantial progress in 6 months, after having been stuck for 3 years .

Samyre Wieles

Nationals Heptathlon Athlete (NL)

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Scott Boon

Nationals Decathlon Athlete (USA)


Ed fennema



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